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Avoid Relying on Biases as Heuristics

The beauty of heuristics is that they are abstractions that help us understand sets of information, and tell us where to put that information, or what actions to take. Heuristics are mental shortcuts that let us be lazy. This can be extremely useful. Weโ€™re inundated with data and decisions...

David Elikwu

Making Things that Don't Suck: The Secret to Pixar's Success

In November 1995, a movie changed cinema forever. Pixar released โ€œToy Story,โ€ the worldโ€™s first computer-animated feature film. The film became a hit franchise and has been followed by other universal hits like Finding Nemo, Inside Out, Up, Coco, Ratatouille, Monsterโ€™s Inc., and The Incredibles. But according to...

The Knowledge

The Powerful secret of Stress and Performance

Do you ever sit down and think: โ€œMaybe I need a little more stress in my life?โ€ Probably not. Most people are fed up with it. But the more I learn about stress, the more I realize its potency in maximizing performance. Stress might be better described as cognitive arousal....

The Knowledge

๐ŸŽ™The Pathless Path with Paul Millerd

David speaks with Paul Millerd, a Creator, Writer, and Consultant. Heโ€™s the author of the Pathless Path, an incredible book. There were a lot of gems in this episode. You're gonna love this if you have any aspirations at all of being a creator or following your curiosity, finding...

The Knowledge

7 Benefits of Waking up Early

People never believe me when I say getting up early is the closest thing to having superpowers. Especially if: * You have anxiety * You're not great at managing time * You have a lot on your plate Here are a few benefits: A quick point - I'm very aware that people have...

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