It can often work in your favour to procrastinate intentionally. Several studies show the cognitive gains we make from taking naps and walking. Edison was a famous napper, and Picasso purportedly rose at 11 but only started working in the afternoon after a few hours of leisure.

However, once he started, he would work until dusk, often standing for several hours in front of his canvas. In his words: “While I work I leave my body outside the door, the way Muslims take off their shoes before entering a mosque.”

It's often not worth locking yourself in a room to try and get something done. If you're struggling to concentrate, plan for moments of distraction and enjoy them. Take a nap, or a walk, recharge, and return ready to work.

Abstinence as a tool typically doesn’t work because when you finally give in, your brain recognises that the only way to relieve the discomfort of telling yourself no is by telling yourself yes.

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