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πŸŽ™ Follow Your Curiosity with Buster Benson

David speaks with Buster Benson, a CEO of [], author of "Why Are We Yelling? The Art of Productive Disagreement". Previously co-founded [], [], the Locavore iPhone app, a bar/art gallery in Seattle called McLeod Residence, creator...

David Elikwu

Modes of Thinking

The modern world has convinced us to divide our time into discrete blocks labelled "work," "play," and "sleep." Of the three, only one is completed in the workplace. In our 24-hour day, we are not permitted to shift between these blocks or mix them. Thanks to his position as President,...

David Elikwu

We should all be artists

We study the greats. From a young age, we all naturally gravitate towards art. We scribble, draw, and paint - even if it’s just to make a mess. Art is something children do instinctively. Since humanity’s primal ages we’ve made art. Faces on clay vases. Stick figures...

David Elikwu

Stacking the bricks

Ideas are like lego - don't leave them on the ground - they're bright and colourful - when you pick them up you'll understand why they're loved. Look for ideas and inspiration but don't colour by numbers. Pull things together to build new things. Make your own instruction manual. Be...

David Elikwu

What Really Matters

My whole life I've been discovering the pain of things that matter and things that don't. I was never at any single school for more than 3 consecutive years. For the most part, these changes were largely innocuous. I moved from Lagos to London, danced around South London for a...

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