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David Elikwu

Do all the good you can

Everyone cares - but we rarely want to do the work. We want the positive outcomes, but no one wants to be on the hook for creating change. The truth is, we should all strive to be more like vampire bats. Confused? Stay with me. It will make sense soon....

David Elikwu

How to live with purpose and stay out of jail

Frederick Herzberg has the kind of name you would assume belongs to a great scientist, psychologist or philosopher without me needing to tell you. He’s the mind behind the two-factor motivation theory. Herzberg suggested that there are two mutually exclusive sets of factors in the workplace which drive both...

David Elikwu

Make your eight-year-old self proud

The more we are pushed towards thinking in the present, the more easily we forget what can be learned from the past. One of my core personal philosophies is “making the best mistakes possible”. I'm extremely evangelistic about it. Failure is an important element in the cycle of innovation and...

David Elikwu

The full human experience

I've got a challenge for you this week. You might not like it, but promise me you'll try: Go outside and strike up a conversation with a stranger. A conversation I had reminded me about how different the social skills of different generations might be depending on their level of...

David Elikwu

Care enough to act

The world is full of bleeding hearts. There’s an abundance of good causes we care about. Genuinely. When something happens in the world we gasp, we cry, we fire off tweets in outrage. I’m saying we, talking about myself, and trusting I’m not alone. Our emotions are...

The Knowledge

Stealing from the Bible

Some of you clicked this email because it mentioned stealing. Some of you came because it mentioned the Bible. And the wisest among you clicked because you open all my emails anway. All of you are correct. What you're about to read is no attempt to convert you to any...

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