We've heard a lot of 'social justice' words tossed around such as privilege and systematic injustice. I know many people have subconsciously begun switching off their ears because they assume what comes next will be an unjustified attack on their personhood.

People hear the word privilege and think—I've had a hard life, how could that possibly apply to me. They baulk at the idea that they've inherited some magical attributes simply by virtue of being white or male or in a dominant group, and I think some of these feelings are justified.

Frankly, not enough people have a well-grounded definition of what privilege means and are equally bad at elucidating those views so that people will listen.

I heard someone I respect in an interview recently discussing the value of hard work and equality of opportunity, but when pressed about the impact of privilege their riposte was limp and wavering.

So let's dispense with weaponized politicization and have an honest chat. For me, 'privilege' in the modern context is best described as the intersection of fortune and friction.

Hence it applies not just by virtue of race, but a variety of factors endowed randomly by birth. This is what many refer to as the birth lottery.

The privilege formula graph
The privilege formula graph

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