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🎙Building generational wealth with Dawn Dickson

David speaks with Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene a serial Entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of PopCom an automated retail technology company that creates data and analytics software for intelligent vending. If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring founder that is considering scaling or building or raising money, this is going to be an...

David Elikwu

🎙Make Things that Matter with Rob Fitzpatrick

David speaks with Rob Fitzpatrick,  a well-storied entrepreneur, and writer. Author of three books, including The Mom Test and Write Useful Books, both of which are among the most universally recommended books for early founders and non-fiction writers. We talked about his journey getting into YC in 2007, trying to...

The Knowledge

🎙A Life Well Lived with Khe Hy

David speaks with Khe Hy, founder and CEO of RadReads, an online education company that helps professionals lead productive, examined, and joyful lives. Khe is the creator of the $10K Work productivity method and teaches the popular cohort-based course Supercharge Your Productivity. We talked about philosophy and spirituality behind productivity,...

The Knowledge

🎙 Becoming prolific with David Kadavy

David Elikwu speaks with David Kadavy an Author, Podcaster and President of Kadavy, Inc. Author of Mind Management not Time Management, The Heart to Start and, Design for Hackers. Host of Love Your Work podcast, where he interviewed Seth Godin, Steve Case, & many more creative entrepreneurs. We talked a lot...

The Knowledge

🎙Creating Free time with Jenny Blake

David Elikwu speaks with Jenny Blake an Author, Speaker, and Podcaster. Jenny Blake loves helping entrepreneurs and organizations move from friction to flow through smarter systems, powered by Delightfully Tiny Teams. We talked about this idea from her book, pivot about being able to make incremental changes in your career...

The Knowledge

🎙Creative entrepreneurs playbook with Josh Spector

David Elikwu speaks with Josh Spector, a newsletter publisher and an audience and business growth strategist. He helps creative entrepreneurs to grow their audience and businesses and he also writes a great newsletter called For The Interested. We talked all about, so many great frameworks for shipping great work and...

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