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The Expert is Always Right? Authority Bias

You've heard the saying "the expert is always right," and you may have even used it to justify some of your own decisions. But what is authority bias? Why does it happen? And how can we mitigate its effects on our decision-making process? In this article, we'll explore the psychology...

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The Psychology Behind Confirmation Bias

When you hear about confirmation bias, it's often in the context of how to overcome it. But what is confirmation bias, exactly? Confirmation Bias: An Overview Confirmation bias is a tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions. It comes into play when people...

The Knowledge

Learning to be Prudent

"Prudence is the virtue that tempers desire with reason." This means that prudence allows us to make proper decisions in all aspects of our lives. It is a major component in achieving wisdom, and many philosophers believe it's one of the most important virtues we can have. In this post,...

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How Memory Bias Affects Your Memories

How many times have you been told a story and thought, "I don't remember that happening?" It's natural for a person to forget things over time. But what if your memories are being distorted? You may be suffering from memory bias. In this post, we will explore how memory biases...

The Knowledge

The Peak-End Effect: The Secret to Memorable Moments

Have you ever been to a concert and then left thinking the show was a lot better than it was? Well, this is because of something called the peak-end effect. The peak-end effect shows that what we recall from past experiences is not always accurate. Per Daniel Kahneman, this stems...

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