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The Powerful secret of Stress and Performance

Do you ever sit down and think: “Maybe I need a little more stress in my life?” Probably not. Most people are fed up with it. But the more I learn about stress, the more I realize its potency in maximizing performance. Stress might be better described as cognitive arousal....

The Knowledge

The 5 Great Sales Frameworks

I've sold thousands of products in the last decade. I've sold physical goods, digital ones, door-to-door, DTC, B2B, and everything. Here's a foolproof sales framework I borrowed from @theChrisDo: 1. Serve You need to hold the needs of your customer above your own. Don't look for every opportunity to make...

The Knowledge

7 Reasons Why Business Execution Is Like Baking a Cake

Developing a bias towards action turned me from an occasional ideator to a consistent executor. It turns out executing in business is a lot like baking a cake 🎂 Here are 7 reasons Why: 1. Imagining a cake doesn’t mean you can make it We all have that friend who...

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