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David Elikwu

A commitment to myself

From my journal, unedited: I need to renew some commitments. My commitment to life, my enjoyment of it, and my commitment to bettering my mind and body. I need to be in the field, but not toiling. Merely working, testing, experimenting, playing. I can't become an attack dog, chained and...

David Elikwu

The Power of Information Control

Slavery in the United States was abolished in 1865. Unfortunately, "abolished” doesn’t mean it ended. You may be familiar with the Jim Crow laws that kept the spirit of injustice alive in the South well into the 20th century. But you might be surprised to learn that there were...

David Elikwu

15 unconventional lessons about life, money, and success

I spent half a decade at one of the biggest corporate law firms in the world. The kind where equity partners make a couple mill per year. Here are 15 unconventional lessons I learned about life, money, and success: Don't wait to be happy. Your satisfaction won't be unlocked by...

David Elikwu

Why You Should Rekindle Your Creative Spirit

From a young age, we all naturally gravitate towards art . We scribble, draw, and paint - even if it’s just to make a mess. Art is something children do instinctively. Since humanity’s primal ages we’ve made art. Faces on clay vases. Stick figures on cave walls. It’...

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