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David Elikwu

Become a Venture Capitalist in Your Life

I'm borrowing a great framework from @dvassallo: "Become a VC for your own ideas. Treat your ideas like cattle, not like pets." 🤯 Here's what it means for me: In venture capital, the aim of the game is to build a fund that invests in ideas and generates massive profit. But...

The Knowledge

How to Improve Your Multitasking Abilities

Multitasking gets a bad rep. 🤹🏽 But most people spend no time learning how to get better at it! You can have multiple things on the go. You can be a jack of all trades. You can be a competent generalist. Here's the secret: Most people try to multitask by throwing...

David Elikwu

Find Your Path: Tips for Finding Clarity in Your Career

It's not uncommon to feel stuck in your career. You're not sure if you're in the right job, let alone on the right path. And even if you are in the right job, you may not be maximising your potential or doing your best work. I was recently asked for...

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