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Working in Corporate Law vs Startup

One thing I miss from working in corporate law which you won't find quickly in a startup is a feeling of complete competence and subject mastery. In law, I worked on $50m-$1bn debt financings. Every deal was different, yet similar. You can get good fast in a narrow domain....

The Knowledge

3 Life Tips While You’re Busy

Having a lot on your plate is hard but you can make it effortless with small hacks. Not long ago I STRUGGLED to write 1  newsletter each week. Now I write 3, and still: * Work full time * Consult for startups * Run a podcast * Create digital products 3 things make this...

The Knowledge

3 Simple Ways to Take Control of Your Career

Not enough people spend time thinking critically about their careers. You need a game plan. If you want to grow fast and be in control of your trajectory, here are some mental models for you: 1. You Need to Figure Out What You Want and Where You’re Headed ⚠️ Things...

The Knowledge

Deciding Who You Want to be

I find it interesting that we ask children what they want to ‘be’ when they grow up, instead of what they want to ‘do’. But the answer we listen for is a profession. So they’re conditioned to connect their profession with their identity. And then we’re surprised that...

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