Mental Models

Mental Models56

We use mental models as simplified representations of how things work. We can't store all of the information we encounter in our heads, so mental models are used to break complex ideas into manageable parts.

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David Elikwu

Why You Should Rekindle Your Creative Spirit

From a young age, we all naturally gravitate towards art . We scribble, draw, and paint - even if it’s just to make a mess. Art is something children do instinctively. Since humanity’s primal ages we’ve made art. Faces on clay vases. Stick figures on cave walls. It’...

The Knowledge

Avoid Relying on Biases as Heuristics

The beauty of heuristics is that they are abstractions that help us understand sets of information, and tell us where to put that information, or what actions to take. Heuristics are mental shortcuts that let us be lazy. This can be extremely useful. We’re inundated with data and decisions...

David Elikwu

Overcoming Automatic Behaviors

You are VERY good at forming habits. I know this because you probably have ‘bad’ ones, and you return to them on-demand like a well-oiled machine. So the issue isn’t that you can’t keep up a good habit, it’s that you’ve become GREAT at keeping up...

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