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David Elikwu

GPS Navigation: A Trade-Off Between Efficiency and Optionality

If you've ever relied on a satellite navigation system (or "Sat Nav") to get you from point A to point B, you may have noticed that they're not always the most intuitive. Sure, they'll usually provide the fastest route on average, but they often overlook one important factor: optionality. Sat...

David Elikwu

Less is More: The Power of Simplicity

The Sony Walkman was a game-changer when it hit the market in 1979. It was the world's first portable tape player, allowing people to listen to music on the go. But before it even launched, it sparked controversy. It had no recording function. It may be hard to imagine in...

David Elikwu

Why Being the Best in a Narrow Domain is Key to Success

When a product tries to do too much, it often sacrifices quality and reliability in the process. In fact, as soon as you hear of a product doing more than one thing, you’re inclined to think it’s merely passable at one and pretty terrible at the other. If...

The Knowledge

🎙Building in Public with Kevon Cheung

David speaks with Kevon Cheung, an author and content creator. Kevon runs a course, Build in Public Mastery, to help entrepreneurs show their work publicly to build up their brand and superfan base. He wrote a book, Find Joy in Chaos, to help entrepreneurs build their online presence so opportunities...

David Elikwu

Zoom in for Clarity

Sometimes, in order to see the bigger picture, you have to zoom in. In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, a young girl is assigned to write an essay. She only needs to write 500 words and can pick any topic. But she’s stuck. She struggles to come...

David Elikwu

Drilling For Luck: The Secret to Getting Lucky And Staying Lucky

I’m not sure if you believe in miracles, luck or serendipity, but all three of them struck one Sunday in a tiny Nebraska church in 1950. It's a cold March in Nebraska. We're at the West Side Baptist Church. Choir practice starts at 7:15. The Reverend comes in...

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