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David Elikwu
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David Elikwu

Using the Power of Old Ideas to Make New Discoveries

Everyone wants to be first. Our competitive and status-seeking nature drives us to chase the novel. We want new experiences. We want to make fresh discoveries. When it comes to learning, despite being frequently frustrated at how little we know, it is important to remember that there is no expectation...

David Elikwu

15 unconventional lessons about life, money, and success

I spent half a decade at one of the biggest corporate law firms in the world. The kind where equity partners make a couple mill per year. Here are 15 unconventional lessons I learned about life, money, and success: Don't wait to be happy. Your satisfaction won't be unlocked by...

David Elikwu

Why You Should Rekindle Your Creative Spirit

From a young age, we all naturally gravitate towards art . We scribble, draw, and paint - even if itโ€™s just to make a mess. Art is something children do instinctively. Since humanityโ€™s primal ages weโ€™ve made art. Faces on clay vases. Stick figures on cave walls. Itโ€™...

The Knowledge

๐ŸŽ™The Art of AI with Alex Fefegha

David speaks with Alex Fefegha, the co-founder and principal director at COMUZI. This episode was two or three years in the making, and it was definitely worth it. Alex Fefegha works at the intersection of design, programming, speculative fiction, and art, expressing societal challenges and exposing the technology systems that...

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