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David Elikwu

Stacking the bricks

Ideas are like lego - don't leave them on the ground - they're bright and colourful - when you pick them up you'll understand why they're loved. Look for ideas and inspiration but don't colour by numbers. Pull things together to build new things. Make your own instruction manual. Be...

David Elikwu

What Really Matters

My whole life I've been discovering the pain of things that matter and things that don't. I was never at any single school for more than 3 consecutive years. For the most part, these changes were largely innocuous. I moved from Lagos to London, danced around South London for a...

David Elikwu

Early career advice

Some advice from me which may sound basic but (in my opinion) will be more important than anything else you hear early in your career journey. > This is the advice I typically give to people aspiring to break into law, consulting and similar fields. I actually copied it almost entirely...

David Elikwu

All in This Together

Society makes us think individualism is the answer. Platforms and algorithms inadvertently create steep power-law distributions, and only a precious few see the promised land of creative freedom and personal wealth. What if, frankly, this is only natural when we primarily operate in a way that is unnatural. Humans are...

David Elikwu

A Tree in the Woods

If the cameras turn off, do the Kardashians still exist? People are designing their lives and actions around black camera lenses, hoping that an audience will exist on the other side. People stand alone in rooms swinging their arms violently and making faces at the wall, because TikTok promises their...

David Elikwu

Steal from the Past

Everyone wants to be first. Our competitive and status-seeking nature drives us to chase the novel. We want new experiences. We want to make fresh discoveries. When it comes to learning, despite being frequently frustrated at how little we know, it is important to remember there is no expectation that...

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